It is Well with My Soul

A few thoughts from my wonderful wife on the tough subjects of grieving and miscarriages.

A few moments by Mills


My third baby at 7.5 weeks: Heartrate: 115


Your baby does not have a heartbeat. These are the words every expectant mother and father fear to hear. These are the words that I heard just a few days ago. For some parents, the loss and hurt do not sink in immediately. It could take days to come to terms with the situation. Those who have experienced this type of loss also understand the emotional push and pull of being shuffled around the doctor’s office until a free doctor can assess your situation, and tell you, ” it is not your fault.” You may know in your mind that these words are true, but you cannot help but feel it is a lie. You backtrack in your mind to think of all the things that could have gone wrong, and how it could be your responsibility. If I only took…

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